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Is your chimney safe?

Why it’s important to keep your chimney in a good state of repair.

Chimneys can be one of the most troublesome parts of a roof if not maintained and repaired correctly. Over time wind and rain eat away at the inner render and mortar joints, threatening a stack’s structural integrity and leaving it in danger of collapse. A side-effect of this weakening is leakage of gases into the building. This very serious problem can lead in extreme cases to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Damaged chimneys are prone to allowing moisture into the roof space and into the interior walls, causing significant dampness and damage to internal plasterwork and ceilings.

During high winds and storms, poorly maintained chimneys can also have a nasty habit of falling down causing dreadful consequences to surrounding property and people.

Chimney repairs and rebuilds

Cracks, water leaks, element exposure, usage, time and lack of preventative maintenance can render your chimney structurally vulnerable.  If you’re worried that your brick chimney is crumbling and unsafe we can help.

Our teams of fully-qualified surveyors provide a full investigation, maintenance and repair service. We resolve problems quickly with minimum disruption to you and your building.

Where damage has occurred, we can repair, remove and replace lead flashing, chimney stacks and chimney breasts. We can also re-point stacks and fit new chimney pots.

We can also cap off chimney pots and fit bird stops. We rebuild and tuck point the chimneys in addition to replacing the crowns and restoring any masonry.

Where necessary our highly skilled mason can rebuild a safe and very attractive chimney for you.

Or maybe you just need some slight restoration? We can refurbish your existing chimney stack to a like new condition.

Chimney Removal and Capping

Where possible we repair and rebuild chimneys to stop water ingress and more damage occurring. However if a chimney is not in use, then removing it completely is a popular option to eliminate any future problems.

We can also ’cap’ chimneys off to stop water entering down the chimney and into fireplaces.

How we can help

Whatever chimney service you need we use traditional methods coupled with the most up to date tools and techniques to guarantee a top quality finish and service throughout.

We offer competitive rates without compromising on the quality of our workmanship and take pride in our customer service before, during and after sales.

To find out more about our chimney repairs and rebuild service please call us 0800 1577424 or use our call back service.

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